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Charly Remake

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Charly Remake

Postby djshadesuk on Wed Mar 04, 2015 5:32 pm

Started out as a little test, after getting hold of some of the original sample sources... turned into seeing how much of Charly I could remake. Only tiny bits taken from Charly itself and those bits are re-sequenced, with the exception of the sliding fill which is a complete sample.

Intro beat isn't quite correct, but its close enough and the beat throughout isn't 100% right at all times (Liam appears to, ever so slighty, alter the beat in the original every every 8 or 16 bars... and I wasn't that bothered about copying it exactly). Oh, and also couldn't be bothered doing the key change. This is also missing the bubbly fills that the original has which I really REALLY couldn't be bothered to re-do (actually, thats a little white lie... I could but couldn't get them close enough to sounding like the original so left them out.)

Overall its close enough to the original to probably be mistaken, upon casual listening, for the original. It's certainly better than some remakes of songs I've heard on YouTube anyway! lol

"Moderator" without moderator privileges apparently... So I'm now just an snitch then?! :D
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