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Chart Guidelines & Post Template [Read b4 Posting]

Post your DJ Charts here for everyone to see. Please read the posting guide (including template)

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Chart Guidelines & Post Template [Read b4 Posting]

Postby acapella on Wed Apr 11, 2007 11:40 pm

Due to multiple, recent issues of confusion in the areas of "What a Chart Is", "How Do I Post One?", and "How Do I Reply?", we would find it most pleasing if you would read over the definitions of these posts and adhere to a few basic guidelines:

1. What is a Chart, and what is it used for?

  • The Charts section is merely a way for members to express the music that they're listening to. Whether it be their favorite 10 tunes, or their least favorite tunes, they are, in fact, their tunes. The member posting his/or her chart lines up the tunes in a order that suits their liking for the rest of the population to see. The viewer then replies to the poster on their thoughts about the poster's list.

2. How Do I Post a Chart?

  • Copy all of the code you see below within the "Code" block by selecting it all and CTRL-C (pc) / Apple-C (mac)
Code: Select all
[b][color=red]Username's[/color][/b] Top 10 chart for [b][color=red]Month[/color][/b].
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
[*][color=blue]Artist - track (label)[/color]
  • Clicking here will create a NEW TOPIC in the Chart section in a new window.
  • Please make sure the topic subject is "USERNAME's Chart for MONTH YEAR
i.e ACAPELLA's Chart for AUG '06
  • Right click and paste the copied code into your newly created topics' text window
The above code once pasted into your new topics' text window will look exactly like this:

Username's Top 10 Chart for Month.
  1. Artist - track (label)
  2. Artist - track (label)
  3. Artist - track (label)
  4. Artist - track (label)
  5. Artist - track (label)
  6. Artist - track (label)
  7. Artist - track (label)
  8. Artist - track (label)
  9. Artist - track (label)
  10. Artist - track (label)
  • So finally, all you need to do is to replace ALL of the items coloured in RED & BLUE with your own details.

3. How Do I Reply?

  • This is the section where everyone seems to be losing sight of the true purpose of "The Chart". There are 2 basic ways you should and may reply:

    a. Expressing your likings for the member's tracks.
    b. Expressing your dis-likings for the member's tracks (in a polite manor)

    Please follow these 2 basic steps in replying to another's chart, so that we may eliminate the one-liners that seem to be polluting the forums.


Following these guidelines will allow you to produce a successful chart posting, without all the hassle.

Always remember to be polite, keep it clean, but most of all, have fun!

Acapellas4u Staff

(thanks to member Brapko for the suggestions) ;)
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