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Acapellas4U's "Holy Grail" - THE definitive guide

Everything you want to know about how Acapellas4U rolls.

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Please refer to our brand new KnowledgeBase & the FAQ's please guys, these both contain hundreds of articles to questions already answered.

Acapellas4U's "Holy Grail" - THE definitive guide

Postby acapella on Thu Dec 08, 2005 3:28 pm

Last updated:19th July '14

H E L P / S U P P O R T
  1. Here's our KnowledgeBase page, please view it as it features tons of useful articles about how we roll.

  1. You will need to click the link within the email you receive after successfully completing registration. If this isn't done then you're never gonna get it.

  1. Our Facebook page now has over 37,000 fans and here's our Twitter too.

  1. We love new content and love to see new material being added regularly to our already extensive acapella collection. Please take some time to upload acapellas and dj tools if you can.
  2. Please, please, please ensure you read our rules on uploading. We have very tight rules and your account will be banned from uploading should you choose to ignore the rules.
  3. We'd also like to draw your attention to the fact that our file naming convention is VERY specific. It just has to be this way, deal with it. And if your filenames aren't correct even down to an underscore out of place, the file will be deleted and you won't be credited for it, simple as.
  4. Every single new upload is monitored by the site administrator to ensure the high quality of the database remains that way.
  5. Please DO NOT create posts or PM staff members asking about credits! Please be patient with us we all have day jobs and remember this is just a hobby.
  6. Check the status of your uploads first
  7. If it says that a duplicate file already exists and you are so sure it doesn't it's most likely because it's not been administered through the system yet.

S O C I A L - N E T W O R K I N G
  1. Join the acapella party on Facebook along with over 16,000+ fans! We regularly posts some pretty 'special' stuff over there 'hint-hint' and we're working on some nice things just by becoming a fan.
  2. If you aren't following us on Twitter then you're just nuts. Why? well for two reasons, no actually three! a) we announce ALL new acapellas there b) any major points of info. are there c) it's just a well designed page and worth being at of the following!

R S S (really simple syndication)
  1. Subscribe to our Feedburner which informs you of all the latest acapellas.
  2. Forum fanatics will also be able to subscribe to our new forum feed. Just see the orange RSS icon at the right your browser's url window.

  1. Every member receives the same amount of downloads every 30 days.
  2. Nobody receives additional downloads for donating, we repeat, there are no additional download credits for any donations.
  3. Anyone wishing to make a donation using Paypal will have the ability to 'preview' all the files in our collection and you will see the BPM [beats per minute] information as well as having a new shiny 'forum supporter' rank image against your account.
  4. Here is our complete list of acapellas that we currently have available.
  5. Use either the acapella search tool or the browse by artists toolto find the acapellas and dj tools of your choice.
  6. If you are using the x*x you will see that there's a cool Top 10 panel. As you select a letter of the alphabet and then a sub-category you will then see the data change and the acapellas and dj tools will display on the right hand panel.
  7. Check everything you've ever downloaded
  8. You can add acapellas to your wishlist - this way you can tag in advance which acapellas and dj tools you'd like next time.
  9. If you see the message "This is an unmetered area, no download credits will be taken" you are downloading files from within one of our designated 'credit free' zones. These are currently the following areas: '_DJ_TOOLS_', '_ROCKAPELLAS_Covers_', '_UNKNOWNS_' & the' _VOCAL_SHOTS_MISC_' folders. That's over 2000 files!!!
  10. If you're interested to see which other files members downloaded just click the 'Show similar files' link from within the acapella download page. There is a menu link at the top of the site.
  11. We encourage you to use the 'file comments' section just underneath the acapella download section.

N E W S L E T T E R - Receive the Top 100 Acapellas listed and keyed!
Sign up to our e-newsletter programme and receive the Top 100 Acapellas listed and keyed and many, many more gigs of samples.

  1. Every single acapella or dj tool can be rated from 1 to 5 stars, hopefully you'll enjoy this new feature, please rate honestly and regularly!

C R E D I T S - B O N U S E S
  1. Bonus credits are available by uploading files we don't already have. These are not added to your monthly download credit, they are a one-off bonus and will be used once your credits are used up.
  2. We encourage you to help keep the collection up to date and as accurate as possible by informing us of any issues. Not only does it make the administrator happy, you too will also have a smile on your face when you see a download bonus. To use this functionality just click the 'Report an Issue' link from within the acapella download page.
  3. Credits do not rollover into the next month if you haven't used them. There is no accruing of credits in this sense, if you don't use them, you loose them.

  1. Making a donation to support ACAPELLAS4U pays for our hosting and is more than welcome. In return you'll be able to PREVIEW every acapella before downloading, see the BPM of each file, become the owner a 'Special Member' forum avatar and you'll also receive the Maximum file attachment quote of 100mb every month and Maximum PM (private messaging allocation aswell!
  2. Donations made are voluntary and help pay for ACAPELLAS4U's monthly hosting and ALL development work.
  3. Donations do not constitute any binding or contractual agreement between the owners, members or visitors.
  4. Donations do not constitute a membership fee neither does it assume any indefinite rights to the use of this website and content therein.
  5. Donating to ACAPELLAS4U does not provide you with extra credits or download bonuses.
  6. DO NOT PM staff members about donations. If your forum rank's not updated, was it an eCheque you sent?
  7. Use of the website is regulated by the website Administrator

G E N E R A L - F O R U M - E T I Q U E T T E
  2. Please post in the correct forum sections, they're all clearly labeled.
  3. No abusive posts that may insult or offend other members (this includes profanities such as swearing and or any racist comments).
  4. No SPAMMING the forums (filling the forum with useless information).
  5. No blatant site advertisement/promotion (please read the post below about site advertisement).
  6. No pornographic imagery or links to any adult/indecent content.
  7. Do not bump your own posts. Bumping is blatant replying to your own post(s) in order to move it further up the list. Members will reply IF they have something to say and your post is constructively written.
  8. Please use the forum search feature, it's a very fast way to find information on questions and topics that have already been discussed and simply contains a wealth of knowledge.
  9. No requesting acapella(s) / instrumentals anywhere.
  10. No WAREZ discussion or illegal P2P file sharing. Anyone trying it on be it publicly or privately (via private message) will be banned and ejected from the site.
  11. We do not supply Instrumentals, please don't ask for them.
  12. Keep up date with site going's on by regularly reading the posts within the Announcements forum section.
  13. We regularly holdpolls (voting), on the forum. Have your say and get involved.
  14. Looking after ACAPELLAS4U takes a lot of hard work and the staff who work for free and do this as a hobby deserve your respect. We have a very good team of Mods (moderators). You will find they are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about areas of the site. Most of the time THEIR say is final so please listen to them.
  15. We exercise a "Yellow Card" system which enables us to give subtle warnings, and on extreme occasions, a complete ban. You will be notified of any warnings or bans via PM (private message) - warnings can be removed but only IF you ask nicely.
  16. The File Attachment feature is an integral part of the site. It is widely used throughout the site, especially within the Test Pressings section. It is used as a means of uploading your productions and storing them on our server so that every member can enjoy your music and hard work. We also use it to make content available to you within the free Sample Packs section for example.
  17. Due to a prolonged Spam post attack over the course of late 2010/early 2011, we've now installed stronger anti-spamming posting measures. You will see some automated messages appear if we say you're being too spammy.

All inquiries to acapellasforyou [a t]gmail.com if you're genuinely interested and we'll get back to you.

  1. We regularly purge (delete) accounts either due to inactivity or accounts that have failed to have been activated within 1 month of initial registration. We also delete all duplicate accounts and any accounts containing spam. If you see any posts on the forum containing spam then please, please use the 'report' icon within the post which will alert it to a member of staff.
  2. We encourage our members to spread the love about ACAPELLAS4U, please rate us 10 out of 10 by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the site and also please leave a review over on HQ Samples. If you could rate us 10 every time you use the site that'd make us VERY happy.
  3. As you can imagine we have a massive amount of traffic each and every day to acapellas4u. We see around 115k unique visitors every month and over 12 million hits a month. And at peak times the site may have 100-200 concurrent users. We encourage you to be wary of this fact and if you experience any slowdown on the site, to first check other websites to see if it's your connection or just us. Please don't hammer the site, that just makes it even slower. rest assured we are continually striving to keep acapellas4u as THE best site on the web for acapellas, period. If you have any suggestions, let us know by dropping a new post in the 'feedback' forum categories.

L E G A L - N O T I C E
  1. By registering and using acapellas4u you take agreed to take full responsibility of your actions.
  2. Please make sure you've read the copyright terms & conditions for using this site and any material that you may get from it.
  3. Please respect all of the hardworking personnel in the music industry, do not take the piss.
  4. Acapellas4u's sole purpose is purely to be the missing link in providing dj's , remixers, producers of all levels with FREE vocal samples, acapellas and dj tools. nothing more, nothing less. We are proud of what we do and have achieved. If we upset you in any way, we're extremely sorry, message us and we'll remove ANY material ASAP and you'll never see it here again.
  5. If you wish to use the content here it is up to you to seek the correct channels in order to obtain sample clearance, we do not provide that service.
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