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2 DIY Acapella questions

Do it yourself acapellas or DIY refers to the procedure of manually separating a vocal-only portion of a music track from its instrumental counterpart; also known as vocal extraction. Lots of techniques, advice and help in here for creating that very special D.I.Y acapella.

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2 DIY Acapella questions

Postby Anonymous on Sat Nov 05, 2016 3:14 am

Question 1: Is there any way to either remove (or heavily reduce) noisy snares from a DIY acapella? I use Kn0ck0ut and extract the vocals, and it always gives me snares and kicks. I can just use the "low cut" feature to pretty much attenuate the kicks, but the snares are the issue.

Question 2: Does anyone have a method of making DIY acapellas smoothly end after each verse? I can't get my DIY's to smoothly end after the verses: Instead, they end very abruptly.

Thanks, guys. I love doing this type of stuff!

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