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'TEST PRESSINGS' section explain. Please read before posting

Post your rap, hip hop, crunk, & R'n'B here. Remember to use the [soundcloud] tags if you want feedback on your work.

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'TEST PRESSINGS' section explain. Please read before posting

Postby acapella on Fri Dec 08, 2006 7:20 pm


UPDATE - Jul '06! - We will shortly be tapping into THE best music showcased from within the TEST PRESSINGS on a regular basis for our Acapellas4u radio show. Keep it hoT!

Calling all producers / track reviewers! As the 'TEST PRESSINGS' forum section has now grown into undoubtedly one of the most active areas on the site we thought it was about time to provide a 'HOW TO' guide for using this section, wether you are a listener/reviewer OR you're the producer uploading your music and making it available for thousands of members to hear.

First of all, what is the TEST PRESSINGS section? Well if you are an artist wishing to get your music 'out there' and recieve feedback from the Acapellas4U forum community then this IS the place to do it. The music you have could be your W.I.P's (Works In Progress) but ideally we'd prefer to hear the FULLY finished track.

Ok, so how do I get started? Simple - simply post a new thread in the RIGHT genre for the music you have to upload. We have 8 individual genre forum sections - please make sure to use the correct one! The thread title should be in the following format:

Artist Name - Track Name

In your thread, include any comments you have about your new track, and a link to where readers can listen to your track (don't forget we offer a completely FREE track hosting service - more about this below). PLEASE post ONE track per thread and it goes without saying to ONLY create posts for YOUR work - no1 elses. Do not post artist pages unless you mention in the body of the post which track we should be listening to.


* Whatever hosting option you choose, listeners MUST be able to download a 128kbit or better MP3 WITHOUT having to log-in or sign-up to the website. Non compliance will result in deletion! Such innapropriate hosts are AcidPlanet and Soundclick.

* If your ISP provides free webspace, try hosting your track there. Contact your ISP's help desk for info.

* If you don't have your own webspace you can use Acapellas4u's "file attachment feature". It's our FREE service supported by optional donation for you to host tracks. It does have restrictions but it's an excellent way of keeping tabs on HOW MANY times your track's been downloaded and once it's uploaded it STAYS uploaded! (Please read the F.A.Q's for more information about the File Atteachment feature and how to use it)

* Try to keep MP3 quality between 128kbit and 192kbit.

* Label the file and/or ID3 tags correctly! (it's in your best interest and it looks better)

Post your thread and it is now available for comment by forum users!


* Bump your thread back to the top. If there are no comments, you are NOT allowed to bump your thread back to the top.

* Post multiple threads for the same track. If you have updated your track significantly, just add to your previous post. Excessive updates which are deemed to be 'bumps' by moderators, may result in your thread being removed all together.

* Abuse the system, and don't take more than your fair share.


* Be patient! Most of us have day jobs and only limited time to review tracks.

* Be humble! If your track sucks, and someone says so, don't get upset! You will learn to develop your 'glass chin' over time. It's an opinion!

* Post reviews and use the VOTING system for other members' tracks. Respect others and they will respect you.

We hope this results in more TRACK REVIEWS for everyone and an even bigger and better Music Producers community that is the TEST PRESSINGS forum here on Acapellas4u.

Any questions, feel free to send an email or PM to myself, acapella. If all else fails just create a post within the "Dazed & Confused" section of the site.

Thanks for your time & enjoy!

post structure borrowed from INTHEMIX
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