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You've found the original #1 resource for free acapellas, vocal loops, samples & dj tools.

ACAPELLAS4u are officially supported by superstar DJs, remixers, producers & mashup artists worldwide.


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"Whether I'm looking for inspiration or just a cheeky mash up, this site is my 'go to' place for a capellas. I'd say it's my one stop shop but it's more a cultural archive!"Norman Cook a.k.a Fatboy Slim @FatboySlim

"I was a lurker on this site for years, finally decided to give it a shot and WHOA! It's like opening up a secret vault. TONS of stuff I didn't even know was out there. All high quality, plus plenty of tools and resources too. You could spend hours looking for what you need in other places, or you could spend those hours in one spot loading up. Definitely worth it" DJ Z-Trip DJ Z-Trip @ztrip

"Acapellas4u is the only pellas website worth bothering with. We honestly don't know where we'd be without it, a mashup producers dream!" Matt Brooks CutUpBoys / Ministry of Sound [UK] @TheCutUpBoys

"Whenever I am doing DJ mixes or searching for that ultimate vocal first stop is Acas4u ... so many times this website has sourced so many great vocal drops in my mixes. And ideas for vocals in my recordings ... Can't live without this site an absolute must!" Martin Reeves a.k.a Krafty Kuts [UK] @Krafty_Kuts

"Whenever we are looking for a rare acappella We use acapellas4u and usually find what we are looking for. Thanks so much for your service!" Gabriel & Dresden [USA] @GabrielNDresden

"I have been part of this amazing site for nearly 10 years now and I can't even imagine preparing some of my sets around the world without this service!" Max Vangeli [USA] @MaxVangeli

"Acapellas4u is our first port of call when looking for that particular vocal we need to set our mixes off. Their library is incredible and matched only by the quality of the user interface. Bravo A4U!" Dixon Brothers [UK] @DIXONBROS

"ACAS4U is the first place i look when I'm on the hunt for vocals! Absolutely huge archive of acapellas, If it exists, they've probably got it. Thumbs up!" Adam Mills a.k.a ASkillz [UK] @A_SKILLZ

"Since I started making dubplates, remixes, and mash-ups, ACAPELLAS4U has been the number one place I go to get my acapellas!" Jaguar Skills [UK] @JAGSKILLS

"Acapellas4u has a large collection of high quality acapellas waiting to be mashed-up and remixed. Check em out! #Salute" Winksound.com @WinkSound

"Being an aca4u member since 2005 it really helped me a lot to find hard to get acapellas thanks to their huge contributing community. Dozens of my mashups feature pellas I got from them and so they will in the future. Big up!" DJ Schmolli [Austria]@djschmolli

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Migrated to new Host.

We're extremely happy to announce that we've now successfully migrated over to a brand new host which was necessary for our new website launch for 2016. Even though the awesome dev team behind the scenes (including myself) have thoroughly checked the site, if you do experience any issues or spot anything odd, let us know please.


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HOTMAIL accounts - email delivery issues.

Hi guys 'n' girls. It appears we're currently experiencing a lot of email issues for hotmail members, basically you're not seeing your 'activation' emails.

We're looking into this and doing our very best to resolve it ASAP.

We strongly suggest keeping an eye out on our Facebook page for further updates. http://www.facebook.com/acapellas4u/

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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30% OFF Sample Packs with Loopmasters Summer Sale

Loopmasters offer a huge selection of sample pack labels and genres so make sure you don't miss out on this sale!!


Hurry, ends AUG 5th

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Best Mashups of 2014

We want all of guys to tell us which has been your best mashup of 2014 and you can add as many (or as few) suggestions as possible! There is no right or wrong answer, this is just personal choice and we want all of our fantastic mashup artists who regularly massage our ear dreams with their crazy talents to get the recognition they so deserve.

Simple rules: Just give us:

1. Name of track(s)
2. Artist(s)
3. Working link(s) (Soundcloud or Youtube preferred)


Ok, so who is going to start this post a rollin'?

Popular search phrases: Best Mashups of 2014, download best mashup of 2014, best mashup mix of 2014, best mashup songs of 2014, mashup downloads, free mashup downloads mp3, dance mashups, pop mashups, the best of mashups 2014

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Cableguys VolumeShaper 4 Giveaway Exclusive


We're pleased to announce a new launch of regular competitions courtesy of Plugin Boutique.

We have 2 copies of the excellent Cableguys VolumeShaper 4 plugin to give away.


How do I enter? - Simple, inside our competitions section, just tell us here what your favourite compression/side-chaining tool(s) are as well as any useful techniques you'd like to share with our members that you have learnt over time. Browny points will be awarded for any pics you might want to share.

Videos of VolumeShaper 4 being used: Hands on with Computer Music Magazine Rob Talbott from Plugin Boutique

More information about this amazing, new breakthrough plugin for producers below:

A plugin for shaping and automating the levels of any audio signal

VolumeShaper 4 from Cableguys lets you shape the levels of any audio signal in pinpoint detail.

From multiband sidechain compression effects to extreme gating, from tempo-synced stutter to precise sample-shaping — VolumeShaper provides a wealth of creative musical effects with a visual approach to volume.


VolumeShaper 4 features a multiband waveform-based editing approach, an extensive selection of preset curves, a precise oscilloscope, a big spectrogram view plus an updated preset library which also allows for cloud-based preset saving functionality. It runs sample-accurate in sync with your DAW, in Hz mode up to the audible range or re triggered via MIDI.

Ducking AKA sidechain compression effect

Essential for a well-defined kick and bass, the well-known ducking effect of sidechain compression creates extra rhythmic drive and provides space and definition. VolumeShaper gives you this same effect with absolute control — just draw the curve you want. Simpler, faster, and more precise than using a compressor. You can also trigger the LFO via MIDI notes — choose one of the 'MIDI Triggered' LFO types, then route MIDI notes to the plugin via your DAW.

Multiband shaping
Use different curves for bass, mids and highs for added precision. The multiband split lets you duck out the bass when the kick hits, or duck the mids to provide space for the snare. Or gate the kick in a drum loop by editing the low band and leaving the mids/highs untouched. VolumeShaper makes it easy to apply this essential technique precisely, for accurate and dynamic mixes.


Define your audio loops
VolumeShaper 4’s oscilloscope displays the incoming audio, helping you to precisely define audio levels. In a drum loop, regulate levels for snare, hi-hat, or anything else with just a few clicks, or edit unwanted notes out of a loop. From smooth bezier curves to hard cuts, you decide. Sync the effect to your DAW from 1/128 note up to 32 bars, sync to the frequency of the played note, or let it run freely at ranges from 0.02 Hz up to 5.24 kHz.

Shape drums
Go in deep and use VolumeShaper as a precise volume curve for your synth or drum sounds. Set it to trigger whenever a specific MIDI note is played, and simply draw the shape you need. You can even shape different frequency ranges independently — shorten only the high frequencies of a kick, for example. It's effectively a gate, but you have total control over the length and shape of the volume tail.

Audio destruction
For punishing bit-crusher effects, run VolumeShaper's LFO fast — right up to the limits of the audible range (Tip: set the LFO to 'Hertz (Retrig.)'). For a less drastic effect, limit the modulation to specific frequencies — try a medium-width mid band — by moving the band sliders. And for ring modulation effects, set the LFO to the frequency of the MIDI notes that you play.

Stutter and tremolo
Simple but effective — VolumeShaper breathes new life into this classic effect. Detailed control options let you create stutter and tremolo with a twist — try applying envelopes to specific frequency ranges, or using a custom curve tailored to fit a specific loop or MIDI note.


VIP Testimonials from Top Industry artists/reputable music mags using VolumeShaper4

"Very very recently I've found a way to do it that is really amazing, I actually did it here... the sidechain that I am using with the bass is something that is called VolumeShaper."
- - David Guetta on cutting a kick to fit with the bassline

"Just wanted to let you know how invaluable VolumeShaper is for getting drum sounds in my mixes. For my rock, alternative and indie mixes, I send MIDI notes from my kick and snare tracks to VolumeShaper with its LFO set to 'Fixed 1-Shot'. So VolumeShaper gets triggered when a kick or snare hits. This allows me to use VolumeShaper as a precision noise gate with a programmable envelope. Finally I'm able to shape drums any way I want."
- — Grammy Award winner Chris Shaw (engineer, Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Lou Reed) on how he shapes drums with VolumeShaper

"VolumeShaper is my most used plugin — I have an instance on practically every channel of every song I produce, for sidechaining using MIDI triggers. The curve system allows for quick, precise and smooth envelope creation. It's definitely the most -powerful and versatile option I could find for sidechaining purposes."
- — Madeon on sidechaining his tracks

"VolumeShaper 4 is already a go-to in our plugins folder. At this price, it's a winner."
- Computer Music Magazine, in November 2014

"The curves you can create are much more flexible and musical than what can be done with a sidechained gate or compressor alone."
- Music Tech Magazine, VolumeShaper 3 review, in April 2012

Cableguys VolumeShaper 4 Manual - http://www.cableguys.de/volume-shaper-4-manual.html

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[closed] Enter our 2014 Survey and WIN 250 Bonus Downloads

We've now collated close to 700 survey responses and we'll shortly be closing the survey for this year, so if you haven't completed it yet there's still a few more days to provide your thoughts! Your input shapes our future.


p.s We'll choose up to 10 lucky winners who will each receive 250 bonus downloads for free acapellas.

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Changes to the 'Latest acapella arrivals' information.

We regret to inform everyone that due to time constraints our 'latest acapella additions' document can no longer be updated. However, this is just us making improvements and aligning some of our back office workflow so you can still of course see all of the latest acapella arrivals still, that's just become part of our Acapellas4U Email Newsletter. It's completely free to sign-up and well, we can't think of any reason why you wouldn't want to.

Just check this out http://bit.ly/Ktm4Qz and look at all of the additional (did we say, totally FREE?) content we're going to send your way guys.

Here's just a selection of what you can expect with once you've signed-up to the Acapellas4U Newsletter:

  • A 'Top 100 Acapella list' along with essential key and further audio analysis.

  • A drip feed of fresh sample-packs and drum machines to download directly.

  • DIY Acapella techniques & Other amazing tutorials selected from 'hot topics'.

  • A further drip feed of ALL our Dj-Tools, Rockapellas, Unknowns, Vocals Shots.

  • Hear it first - regular updates when the site's been updated with freshly added acapellas.

  • Exclusive member-only offers plus other exclusives on DJ and music industry products and services, that will definitely help you improve as a producer, remixer or dj.

All of the above is genuine and best of all - it’s completely FREE.

What are you waiting for? - Fill in your name and email below to start receiving all of the above including your free copy of “Top 100 Acapella list”.

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Happy New Year and here's Jan 2014's latest acapellas

Hope you had a superb 2013 and here at acapellas4u HQ we're completely refreshed and raring to take 2014 by the horns :)

So without further ado, here's just a small sample of the free acapellas available to download for January 2014.

You will need to have an account with us to download these acapellas, it's totally FREE, always has been and always will be. Just reach for the 'Registration' link to create an account. Use your favourite Social Networking account to get access even quicker!!

p.s In 2014 you can be the first to know what's being added before anyone else!! Simply click here to 'Subscribe to our FREE Newsletter'


big Shout out to all the regular providers and contributors who make this all happen, you know how ye'all are ;) :l33t

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ACAPELLAS4U is 10 years old!!

Yup, that's right guys - I knew it was around this time and my forum account creation date clearly states: Joined: 03 Dec 2003, 04:48 - so 3 cheers for us.

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Systems change to improve new account handling

So, we've had out 2-step account approval in place for some time now and it's now a good time to loosen those reigns. We are going to trial a slight change for the month of December which will mean that new accounts will no longer have to be approved by admin, once you've verified your own account from clicking the link within the email you receive after registration, you're all set.

I hope this change is a successful one and long may acapellas4u be your goto site for all your free acapella downloads

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